Earthly Cleaning Solutions provides comprehensive services for commercial and residential facilities: Our goal is to provide first-in-class services to all of our clients. Our client companies rely on us to provide a well rounded staff that is trained and experienced in the Janitorial, IT and General Office field. It is our responsibility to provide our clients with a solution to their facilities that will ensure cleanliness, a safe environment and most of all full satisfaction.
We are an eco-friendly company that strives in providing green services. It is our goal to provide a safer environment for all of our clients.
The cleaning service industry is a very competitive market. Every company in the cleaning service chain claims they are an eco-friendly service provider but only few are Green Business Bureau Certified. Earthly Cleaning Solutions employees and management staff have received the proper Green Bureau training. We are a green certified company. What makes Earthly Cleaning Solutions different than any other cleaning service provider in our industry is ... read more »
Service Areas We are currently serving the areas of: New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, California, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina. read more »