The cleaning service industry is a very competitive market. Every company in the cleaning service chain claims they are an eco-friendly service provider but only few are Green Business Bureau Certified. Earthly Cleaning Solutions employees and management staff have received the proper Green Bureau training. We are a green certified company. What makes Earthly Cleaning Solutions different than any other cleaning service provider in our industry is our formula of green products knowledge and the training we have received from the Green Business Bureau.

Most commercial cleaning products contain ingredients that will make an impact on our skin, or on how we breathe, when used indoors. They can cause skin irritation, headaches, vomiting and most important if used for a long period of time it can cause internal damages to our lungs and other parts of our bodies.

At Earthly Cleaning Solutions we will not clean your business or house with products that contain the following: ammonia, chlorine bleach, phosphates, nonylphenol surfactants and petroleum distillates. All our products are green certified by the Green Business Bureau.

Our primary goal is to come in to your house or business and improve the air quality, make your life healthier, leave your property odor free and give you the opportunity to breathe without inhaling all different kinds of toxins.